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Donate And Save Poor Childrens

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We are trying our best to provide them with Biblical & Technical education because most of them are not aware of the truth. And we are trying to reach those places where no one is going to teach and preach.

We primarily help the orphans and slave children. We have two Sunday schools and two Home schools in different villages. Holy Gospel Healing Ministries is a village-based ministry working in these villages Where peoples have no education about Jesus Christ, they have no approach to get an education, and cannot afford their basic needs.  “ HGHM “ also helps needy people and widows. We help the needing children with stationery, clothes, school bags, uniform, books, and bibles. We provide them with school study for their better education and to grow up in the faith of Jesus. Holy Gospel Healing Ministries support 89 children in different villages who are working in a brick kiln. There are so many female students enrolling which takes the courage of the families because traditionally in Pakistan any education has been reserved for males. We are thankful to the families of those boys for providing them with this valuable opportunity. More families are seeing what their neighbor’s children learn and gain from school and became encouraged to let their children participate in the school and its activities.

We currently have 58 children living with us ranging in age from four to thirteen years old all of them we are providing them well with food, education, social status, and every right an ordinary child has. It is the mercy of God and the cooperation of faithful sponsors that have enabled the children to enjoy all of these benefits.

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